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Here's What Just a Few Have to Say

Pope Sternodox is a man of many flavors -- many MIGHTY flavors. Such intense flavors might not be stomachable by everyone. Those whose palates are too weak... let Theym FALL BY THE WAYSIDE, for Sterno has better things to produce than pablum for prisses and poodle people.

Ivan Stang

High Epopt, Church of the SubGenius

Terrifyingly honest and economic in style, Sternodox captures the American zeitgeist perfectly. In his work, we find fragments of our own subconscious floating in a sea of mystic context, assuring that the sharp challenges of life will be laid bare and will be answered. Pleasant absurdities possess us, arousing the gift of fecund imagination.

Doug Wellman/Puzzling Evidence

S is for SubGenius and also it's for sin.

T is for temptation, he will help you to give in.

E is for your eardrum, his music it will burst.

R is for RRR, and the last you'll hear, not first.

N is for something.

O is for of course, our man in Arkansas.

St. SternoDox the preacher who fought and whupped old County Law.

St. Onan Canobite

Sterno embodies the apotheosis of the robust cocksuredness that is pursued by the erudite and shunned by the normals. He has more dicks than I do, which is noteworthy since I have a baker's dozen more than Philo, one for each apostle and one for LaWanda Page. But more importantly, seven of Sterno's dicks are prehensile and capable of rescuing nubile maidens from burning skyscrapers. He is a better artist than Magritte and a better writer than Zola, and you should pray that one of his serpentine meat shafts will someday penetrate your window to lend solace.

Rudy Schwartz

Rudy Schwartz Project

Sterno takes good pictures, makes incredible art and rides his bike with muscle bike kids. Sterno has more dicks than me and I have several. He kills pinks. He’s a sexy old man.

Dr. Philo Drummond

Overman (First Degree), Church of the SubGenius

Snotty art critics and dysfunctional, art-hungry headbangers agree that Sterno’s art contains more Spam than any major artist on either coast, including Stella or Banksy. What’s more, for the cost of a reliable home Covid test, you can get a print with enough money left over for bo-kou pills to help you actually understand your print's finest points. This art really works like no other. A day in a room with one of these collages will make you fit to consume a live, Spam-filled octo-shark in twenty minutes or less. This is art that will open seven glands you didn’t even know you had. You don’t even have to look at it, it transforms your genetic code while still rolled up in a tube. You may as well give up now and admit that this is the only art you want to see for the rest of your life. I did.

Dr. G. G’broagfran, B.A., M.F.A., DUI

Sterno is a photographer, musician, artist, archivist, philosopher, Arkansawyer, and skunk ape. In fact, he is the most interesting SubGenius in the Hollow Earth.

Rev. Nanzi Regalia

SubGenius of Hidden Rank aka Nancy A. Collins

Sterno rises above convention like Vienna sausages swimming in a waterfall that goes uphill reaching towards an unseen zenith of mashed  potatoes fried in liquid gold

Sphinx Drummond


Feast your eyes and fill your soul with one of my all time favorite artists. Michael has always been able to look directly and fearlessly at the darkness and absurdity of our world without adding more darkness to it. How does he do this? I think he is secretly deeply in love with the world. Maybe it's not a secret to him. I don't know. But it's there and it's what makes his art and music and performances and humor transformative. He's not going to tell you this outright of course. But all you have to do is watch him. 

Ready set go.


Gallery 26, Little Rock

"You could go another day without Sterno in your life, but why would you want to when the unholy darkness of his anti-divine work could be yours? Whether you're searching for depictions of babies being fed to elder gods or 1950s housewives serving spam to monsters, look no further. Welcome home. Hail Satan."

Jasmine J.

Venusian Chameleon Society

Dinner in the Instant Pot? Check. Impeccable tunes on the stereo? Check. Kitties on lap? Check. Depictions of skulls EVERYWHERE? Check. Incredible, beautiful, bizarre-in-the-best-way art always in progress featuring Spam, zombies, and so much more? Check. Friends and admirers far and wide who would travel to the ends of the earth for him? Check. (I know because I’m one of them.)



Vice president, The Bloody Hammers fan club

Herr Sternodox has been under surveillance by Interpol's Cultural Tribunal for over a decade now. I was formerly an agent assigned to contact and study the Situation to see if any International Action should be taken (a "breakthrough in grey room" in agency parlance). My superiors, Mr. Bradley and Mr. Martin awaited my report. While studying the Situation I found myself being drawn into the netherworldly visual exploits of this seemingly sane individual. Images of families and insects, reptiles and monsters, his beloved pulp movie posters and the ubiquitous Spam. The more I was drawn into analysis of the subject matter, the less I was able to monitor the effect the "deterioration" of the images was having on me. Subsequent investigation has found that this "deterioration" or "distressing" on the imagery was the Operative Mechanism, cleverly crafted psycho-active algorithms designed to influence the brain onto leylines of thought and behavior. How was I to know that I was deep into a trap until it had been sprung? It has since been identified as the "Gehirnbeißer Effect", loosely translated as the "Brain Biter Effect". My brain is no longer my own. I send this last report with what is left of my free will. Signal 'Breakthrough In Grey Room'. Goodbye to you, Mr. Bradley, Mr. M...  [transmission cuts off]

Byron Werner

Little Rock

Sterno's art is a concrete demonstration of Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle merged with the Everett-Wheeler Many Worlds theory. All possibilities lie in his work but when you observe his amazing creations, only then do do the fields collapse and your personal probability emerges. Critics like to have things pinned down and permanent, no such permanence exists within the creations of this accomplished artist's work except the possibility that it might damage some viewer's mental health.

GG Gordon

Pope of Portugal and South America

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